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Packing Materials

Prices excl. 7.7% VAT.
Sizes are given in cm.

Cash only at time of delivering


Book box

for: heavy things, books, plates and multimedia products

L 50 × W 33 × H 36

Piece: CHF 3.60

Linen box

for: curtains, bed linen, towels, clothes and shoes or for: kitchen material, pans or bowls, glasses with subdivision (see subdivision).

L 50 × W 50 × H 36

Piece: CHF 5.50

Set with subdivision

Practical subdivisions to pack glasses, they can easily put into.
A linen box must be ordered extra and there will be a spare space of 15 cm which needs to be stuffed.

1 × 25 glasses

Piece: CHF 2.85

Kitchenware box

for: lightly kitchen material or light voluminous things as blankets, pet toys or pillows

L 50 × W 50 × H 72

Piece: CHF 8.30

Set with subdivision for kitchenware box

Practical subdivisions to pack glasses, they can easily put into.
Kitchen ware box must be ordered extra.

3 × 25 glasses

Piece: CHF 8.55

Picture frame sleeve/mirrors

Carton is open on two sights and can be combined with several frame sleeves to pack even big pictures or mirrors.

We recommend to pack more fragile pictures with extra bubble wrap foil.

L 82 × W 56 × H 9

Piece: CHF 3.25

Folder box

for approx. 6–10 folders or magazine racks
Please pay attention to the weight, too heavy boxes can tear.

L 60 × W 40 × H 35

Piece: CHF 5.50

Lamp box

for: lamp shades
Ceiling lights (extra protected) can also be well stowed in there.

L 70 × W 70 × H 50

Piece: CHF 15.00

Clothes box with rail

for: clothes, suits and dresses
Comfortable also to move clothes directly on the hangers. Can be used as a transitional wardrobe too.

L 60 × W 50 × H 133

Piece: CHF 21.85

Clothes box with rail (for rent)

You are planning your movement with us? We are pleased to bring clothes boxes a few days before the move and take it back in the end.

L 60 × W 50 × H 133

Piece: CHF 12.00

Wine box

for: 12 bottles
In addition to wine bottles, also oil and vinegar can be moved save and easy.

L 38 × W 28 × H 37

Piece: CHF 7.30

Tissue role

L 75 × W 50 (1 kg role)

for: Fragile things (glasses etc.)

Piece: CHF 5.95

Wrapping role

tougher than the tissue role, for plates, porcelain, vase or decoration

L 75 × W 50 (1 kg role)

Piece: CHF 5.95

Bubble wrap foil

The best to pack all fragile things save.

120 cm wide, will be charged per linear meter

Piece: CHF 3.60

Sealing tape

High quality sealing tape

W 5 × L 600

Piece: CHF 3.80

Sealing tape dispenser (for rent)

for our moving customers

Piece: CHF 10.00

Mattress covers blue

Protects your mattress from dust and moisture.

L 240 × W 112

Piece: CHF 5.20

Mattress covers green

Protects your mattress from dust and moisture.

L 240 × W 185

Piece: CHF 7.25

Sofa covers white

Protects your sofa from dust and moisture.

L 330 × W 110

Piece: CHF 6.50

Arm chair covers yellow

Protects your arm chair from dust and moisture.

L 160 × W 110

Piece: CHF 6.40


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